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30th – Commencement of classes for I & II Year.
2nd – Commencement of classes for III Year.
2nd and 3rd – Faculty Participation in FDP organized by Seshadripuram College, Tumkur on “Python Programming for Data Sciences and IoT”.
3rd – Placement drive at KLE Nagarbhavi – TCS
6th to 8th – Workshop on “Cloud and Virtualization Concepts “for I II & III Year Students.
6th to 10th – Rainbow Week with Cultural Activities.
6th – Nail Art and Hair Style.
7th – Cooking without flame.
8th –Vocal and Instrumental.
9th – Sketching.
10th – Jumping Jack
11th – Ethnic Day for I II & III Year Students.
13th to 24th – Certification Course on “IoT” for III Year Students.
13th to 24th – Certification Course on “Android” for III Year Students.
14th – Workshop on “Mobile App Design” by Mr. Kiran and Mrs. Shilpa Joshi, EDIT for II Year Students.
16th – Placement at Cognizant Campus.
17th – Placement drive at KLE Nagarbhavi – Infosys.
16th to 18th – Workshop on “Software Defined Storage Concepts “for I II & III Year Students.
18th – Industrial Visit to Cognizant for II Year Students.
18th – Executive Interaction Session on “Current Technology and its Future Aspects “ for I Year Students.
18th – Placement drive at KLE Nagarbhavi – Infosys.
20th to 22nd – Workshop on “Network Virtualization Concepts “ for I II & III Year Students .
20th to 24th – Project Review-I for III year.
21st – Placement drive at KLE Rajajinagar – Cognizant.
22nd – Extra-Curricular Activities: On Spot Essay Writing on particular topic for I II & III Year Students.
25th – Executive Interaction Session on “Campus to Corporate” for II Year Students.
27th to 31st – VSphere certification course by VMware.
27th – Placement drive at QSpider – Capegemini.
27th Jan to 20th Mar – Online Certification Course (SWAYAM) on “ Programming, Data Structures and Algorithm using Python” for II year Students.
29th – Co-Curricular Actvities – TechnoQuiz.


1st – Executive Interaction Session on “ Present Technology and its future impact” for III Year Students
1st – Seminar on “Team Bonding and Building” for I Year Students.
3rd – Feedback Collection and Analysis
6 , 7 & 8 – First Internals for I & II Year Students.
5 ,6 , 7 & 8 – First Internals for III Year Students.
11th – Seminar on “ Carrier in Cysco Plat form” for II Year Students .
12th – Placement drive at Acharya – Amazon.
12th – Co-Curricular Activities: Logical Coding and Logo Quiz for I II & III Year Students.
13th– Submission of First Internal Marks.
14th – Submission of First Internal Result Analysis.
14th – Executive Interaction Session.
15th – Parent Teacher’s Meet – 1 for I, II and III Year.
17th – Placement drive at KLE Rajajinagar – Advent Global.
18th – Placement drive at KLE Rajajinagar – Concentrix.
19th – Executive Interaction session for I Year Students.
19th – Placement drive at Community College – Job Mela.
20th – Faculty participation in in FDP organized by Dayanandsagar College .
22nd – Executive Interaction Session.
26th – Techno Conclave – “ZigHive”
29th – Executive Interaction Session on “Filtering Process in Interview” for II Year Students.


2nd to 6th – Project Review-II for III year.
4th – Co-Curricular Activities: Group Discussion and Story from a Word for I II & III Year Students.
7th – Executive Interaction Session.
9th – Feedback Collection and Analysis.
12 ,13 & 14 – Second Internals for I, II and III Year.
16th – Seminar for III Year Students.
18th – Extra-Curricular Activities: Debate on Current Affairs for I II & III Year Students.
19th – Submission of Second Internal Marks.
19th – Workshop for I Year Students.
20th – Submission of Second Internal Result Analysis.
20th – Industrial Visit.
21st – Executive Interaction Session.
21st – Parent Teacher’s Meet – 2 for I, II and III Year.
28th – Executive Interaction Session.
31st – Valedictory.


1st to 4th– Final Project Review for III year.
4th – Executive Interaction Session.
4th – Last date to complete the syllabus.
8th – Last date to submit Project Report.
11th – Farewell for III Year Students.
13th to 18th – Preparatory Exams.
20th – Commencement of Even semester Practical Exams.
30th – Last date to submit Internal Assessment marks to the University.


4th – Commencement of Theory Exams.
18th – Commencement of Valuation.


22nd – Commencement of Admission & Re-opening of Odd semester.
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